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What Kind of Contact Lenses Should You Get?

Today, there are many different kinds of contact lenses. For the most part, you would not use hard contact lenses unless you have a certain condition that makes it necessary. Most of us, therefore, will need to choose between the different soft contact lenses that are available. You generally have 3 options:


Monthly Contact Lenses
This type of lens needs to be replaced every month. I particularly like the Night & Day brand, as they are very comfortable. However, there are many other excellent choices. Note that this type of soft contact lens is generally the cheapest, so unless you have reason to select a different type of lens, I would start by using monthly contact lenses. You can get most brands quite cheaply by using online stores such as Lens.com, and by using these Lens.com coupons.

Bi-Weekly Lenses
The second type of contact lens are the bi-weekly kind, which as you probably know, need to be replaced every other week. You need to pay a bit more attention if you use these kind of lenses, as it's pretty easy to lose track of when to replace your lenses. I would recommend putting a reminder on your calender every other week to change your lenses.

Daily Disposable Lenses
Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming quite popular, despite their high cost. These lenses will be the most comfortable, and they are also very convenient since you simply throw them out every night and open a new pair the following day.

The easiest way to order lenses in my opinion is to use online vendors. There are many you can choose from, but the store I like most is Lens.com. They offer just about every type of contact lens, and their prices are very reasonable. If you haven't ordered contact lenses from Lens.com before, I recommend you give this store a try.