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The best small e-cig batteries: Halo and Smokeless Image

halo g6 batteriesMany e-cigarette users favor the larger batteries, as they provide a longer battery life and give you more options on how to vape. But there are also a substantial number of use that use the smaller batteries for a variety of reasons. As for myself, I like the smaller batteries because they are less conspicuous and easier to take around. I also think they look better than the larger batteries which are, in my opinion, too large and cumbersome.

There is, however, a challenge for people who favor small e-cigarette batteries, and that is that the smaller batteries on a whole tend to be inferior. Most notably, they will run out of power very quickly, and heavier e-cigarette users may go through 2 of them in a single day.

I've therefore long searched for the best small e-cigarette battery and have tried at least a dozen different kinds. There are two batteries that I found to be excellent, and they are Halo's G6 and Smokeless Image's Volt. Personally, I use mostly Halo Cigs at this point, since I like the design the most. But both of these batteries offer a long life and sufficient power for the automatic batteries so that it does not take much effort to draw some vapor.

Cartomizers similarly vary quite a bit in quality. For those on a budget, the standard Kanger cartomizers may be sufficient. I myself prefer the Halo G6 cartomizers, as they seem to last longer, and deliver flavor more effectively. Halo batteries and cartomizers can both be purchased at a discount using Halo Ecig Coupons, which are currently available from E-cigbargains at the URL: http://e-cigbargains.com/halocigs/.

As you can see, Halo is currently my favorite e-cigarette company, wih Smokeless Image being a close second. I suspect this may change over the years, but for me, the search for the best small e-cig battery manufacturer is over for the time being.