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Gamefly: Is it a Smart Option for You?

In my very first post, I mentioned that one of the things I'll be talking about is software. While it's debatable if video games count as software, today I would like to discuss a bit about video games since it's a huge industry, and many people spend quite a lot of money on this hobby.

gamefly logoI won't get into the debate about whether or not video games are a waste of time, and whether or not they are a good thing or not. The fact is, everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter. It's also true that while people have decried video games for over a generation now, I haven't seen any huge societal degradation as a result of them. As far as I'm concerned, they are just a good form of entertainment for many people who would otherwise lead boring lives. But that's all I'll say regarding that matter.

Today, I'd instead like to focus a bit on the cost of video games, which I consider to be a bit over the top. Seriously, $59 for a newly released game seems to be a bit much to me. But what's worse are the subscription games that charge $15 a month. You may think $15 is not that much, but keep in mind, you're paying $180 a year for each such game that you subscribe to.

Are there any ways to play video games for less money? It turns out there is, and the answer may lie with an online service called Gamefly. I myself only learned about this service a few weeks ago when a friend mentioned it to me. Apparently, they let you borrow games over the Internet, and send them to you via snail mail, which usually takes a two or three days.

After learning about Gamefly, I immediately went online to check it out. They have two levels of service. The first one, which costs $15 a month, allows you to borrow one game at a time. The second one, which costs $23, allows you to borrow 2 games at a time. I think that for most people one game at a time is probably enough, but you do have to choose wisely, since you don't want to receive a bad game then have to send it back, which just leaves you without a game to play for up to a week. I should mention that there is also a Gamefly free trial from a site called Free Trial Spot.com which lasts for a month.

One good thing I learned is that Gamefly allows you to keep the game as long as you please. This is important, since we all know how addictive certain games can get. The worst thing in the world is having to return a game before you've had your fill playing it. It's good to know that this won't be the case if you use a service like Gamefly.