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A New Contact Lens Store I Found

lens storeAs I indicated earlier, for a long time, I relied on AC Lens for my contact lenses. But that doesn't mean that time to time, I look for other stores to try out. Prices online are very changeable, and it's thus important to constantly compare prices with other vendors. The fact that there are dozens of contact lens stores online doesn't make the process easy.

The other day, I came across a nice contact lens store called Lens.com. I don't know how this store flew under the radar for me in the past, as it seems to be a pretty significant online store. Like most other contact lens stores, it carries almost all the brands you would ever need. In my case, I found my Acuvue lenses in no time, and realized it was selling less than what I'm used to paying for them. As for ordering, the process is similar to the process used by other contact lens sites. You need to provide prescription information and the name of your doctor, and the site will do the rest, including things like verification.

If you just buy a couple boxes, the prices at Lens.com are similar to what other sellers charge. The real savings kick in when you purchase four or more boxes. That was not a problem for me, since I always try to purchase a one-year supply of contact lenses, since I don't like having to reorder, which is quite frankly just another hassle as far as I'm concerned. In addition, buying more at once means you only have to pay for shipping one time. At Lens.com, in fact, if your order is over $129, your entire order is shipped free, which is a nice benefit.

But the really big savings come from using online contact lens coupons. The Lens.com coupon codes I use ( which you can get from this link: http://couponleaf.com/lens-com-coupon/ ) give me discounts of up to 25%, depending on the volume I buy. Given that the savings you can get at Lens.com relies so much on how much your order, I may get together with family members who wear contact lenses and try to time our orders, so that we can place both of our orders at the same time. By doing this, we'd be able to take advantage of the most generous Lens.com promo code out there at the time.

Regardless, Lens.com is a great store with very low prices, and I intend to use them quite regularly in the coming years - that is, until I find another seller online with better prices.