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How to use Inkfarm for cheap ink

imageTo the extent possible, you should always try to get the best deal possible on office expenses. Products such as ink cartridges can be rather pricey, and if you don't routinely hunt for the biggest bargains, you stand to lose hundreds of dollars a year in added expenses.

My favorite way to purchase ink at the moment is to use online office supply stores. The best one I've found to date is Inkjetsuperstore, which specializes in selling just ink cartridges and other accessories at discounted prices.

One thing you should never do if you want low prices is to buy OEM cartridges. While it's true that such cartridges are usually the most reliable, once you find a good vendor like Inkjetsuperstore, you no longer have to buy just OEM cartridges. Instead, you can pick remanufactured cartridges to save money. In some cases, compatible cartridges (manufactured by companies other than the original equipment manufacturer) are also a good choice. Either of these cartridges will save you several dollars on your purchase, and over the course of a year, your savings can become quite significant.

There is also the issue of web coupons, such as the ones you can obtain from sites like inkjetprinterdiscounts.com. While most people are familiar with paper coupons, not everyone is aware that you can get the equivalent online. Online coupons allow you to use a special code to grab some extra savings. In most cases, all you need to do is write down the code or copy/paste it into the shopping cart, when you are asked to enter the code.